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It takes a loving village to raise a Girl.  Thank you to all who think of us, who sow enthusiastically, joyfully, faithfully - we are always reminded that the act of loving mercy, walking humbly with our Girls is a shared endeavour.


Gladiolus Place welcomes individuals who are passionate about caring for vulnerable teenage girls and/or are seeking ways to contribute to the community. You can make a difference by getting involved directly or indirectly! Drop us an email at and we will be in touch with you shortly.

We are always on the lookout for corporations and organisations, who have the resources to make an impact on the lives we steward here at Gladiolus Place. We are thankful that companies are generous and sincere with sharing of their resources, expertise and talents. This is a gift to a non-profit organisation that needs all the help we can get to continue standing on our feet. Let's do good together!

Here are some ways (not limited to) you can consider contributing towards enriching the lives of our Girls:

- Host workplace visits for our Girls to learn more about the wider, working world. Your organisation can help those in need to dream big!

- Give as an organisation to fund our programmes. In so doing, your financial support will go miles in sustaining our work. Find out more about our day-to-day needs here!

- Sponsor an outing for our Home and your employees! We would absolutely love making new friends on a day out together.

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