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For every girl who walks through our doors – healing for their brokenness, renewal to their minds, and restoration to their families and communities; so that they may contribute to society and fulfill their God-given destinies.

We envision for each girl, under our care and nurturing, to bloom like the Gladiolus flower, clothed in strength and honour, empowered to be women of dignity and confidence, so that they may live their lives to the fullest, as intended by Christ.

Our Home:

A story of Love and Grace


Gladiolus Place is a non-profit Christian healing home dedicated to help teenage girls and their families work through challenging situations, giving hope and direction in their lives. Founded on 12 December 1998, Gladiolus Place was formerly known as AG Home.


Gladiolus Place reaches out to troubled youths that are beyond parental control, at risk of delinquency, wayward behaviours, abuse and neglect; referred by Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), Schools, Family Service Centres (FSCs), Youth Court, etc.


Through a holistic combination of activities covering faith-based teaching, coaching, sports, social arts and personal relations, Gladiolus Place offers a safe and caring environment to nurture, create positive change and foster a closer bond with parents and family.


The programme typically lasts 1 - 2 years. Upon the successful completion of the programme, the residents will have a renewed sense of self, an education in the role of leadership and an appreciation of service to others and the community.


Gladiolus Place strives to provide the very best care for the residents in a structured and stable environment, supported by over 15 experienced and professionally trained staff. Our approach is loving and non-threatening, building trust in relationships and providing 24/7 care. Surrounded by a caring environment, the residents can experience love, peace and acceptance.


Parents play a major role in shaping and guiding their children and time spent together as a family builds togetherness. The programme actively engages parents and family members throughout the process whereby parents and family members are counselled and guided along with the residents.


Gladiolus Place is a joint project of Covenant Presbyterian Church and Presbyterian Community Services.